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Domestic packaging machinery market demand

Company news
2017/09/27 13:53
Through the analysis of the domestic market, "will continue rapid growth of packaging machinery demand 95" period, at the same time, with the increasing demand for packaging, in order to meet the demand of the total domestic logistics increases rapidly and expand exports, the market economy will promote the rapid development of packaging and transport packaging. In recent years, the market demand for packaging machinery is the majority, simple list as follows:
Plastic pipe packing machine
Overpouch is widely used, in great demand, especially in small plastic pipe in great demand and development for different states of material plastic tube packaging machine to solve the adaptability, matching and reliability of products, and to the development of multi functions, automation and high speed direction.
Steel belt packing machine
Steel is easy to rust in air and water, and the corrosion of zinc in the atmosphere was only the corrosion rate of steel 1/15 in the atmosphere, in order to protect the convenient transportation and better protected against corrosion, the strip packing machine was born, especially at high speed and automation, multi-functional packaging machinery and its corresponding composite packaging materials.
Aluminum profile packaging machine
The aluminum surface smooth, corrosion resistance is not strong, although the production process will be remedied, but transport will inevitably have very difficult questions, aluminum packaging machine to solve this problem, there are aluminum, aluminum coil, aluminum and other related products can be easily solved.